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Norwegian Premium has a strong focus on clean, natural, fresh and traceable raw materials in our product line. We select only raw materials of high quality in our omega-3 products. In collaboration with Nofima, one of the leading research groups in fatty acids in Norway, we discovered the unique raw materials of Nordlaks produkter AS in Stokmarknes, Vesterålen. Nordlaks produces farmed salmon quality in an ultra-modern processing facilities, which gives us the opportunity to use safe and the best locally produced commodities.

Norwegian Premium is a new, revolutionary Omega-3 that is completely unique. Research has proved that the body absorbs fresh Omega-3 fatty acids up to nine times better than traditional Omega-3 capsules made of high concentrated fishoil. Due to the quality of the product we have created Norwegian Premium Omega-3 – the worlds freshest Omega-3 supplements. Many think that all Omega-3 is made of fresh fish. The fact is that 90% of all omega-3 sold in Norway and the rest of the world comes from South America and is a byproduct of fishmeal production. The oil is sent to purification and refining in Norway and are then often marketed as Norwegian Omega-3 .

100 % Norwegian and unrefined
We are proud to offer a 100 % Norwegian, unrefined Omega-3, made of Norwegian salmon from Stokmarknes in Vesteraalen. The revolutionary aspect of this oil is that it is produced in such a short time that it does not need to be refined. Therefore it retains all the natural content of vitamins A, D and E, trace minerals and antioxidants found naturally in fresh salmon. Traditional Omega-3 lose them during refining, and must be added artificially afterwards. Through daily consumption of Norwegian Premium Omega-3 you get the best quality of the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, which is good for the brain, heart, joints and eye.

New fishoil from NordicSilver™
Norwegian Premium Omega-3 – Wildfish represents a new and unique fish oil based on wildly caught pelagic fish species from the North-Atlantic waters. The fish oil has a unique natural occurring fatty acid composition and fish from North-Atlantic waters contains the highest amount of LCMUFA (long-chained monounsaturated fatty acids). The high amount of LCMUFA indicates that it contribute to increase metabolism of subcutaneous fat and other metabolic syndromes in the body.

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