SALfresh is an extra virgin salmon oil based on raw materials from the pristine waters above the Arctic Circle in Norway. Here our partner Nordlaks runs one of the world´s biggest fish farming companies, where the oil factory is fully integrated in the processing line. The separation of the oil takes place in a completely physical process, using a tricanter, and never heated above 90°C.

From live fish enters the factory the unique production cycle able us to make an unrefined, extra virgin salmon oil of human quality within 75 minutes. After adding natural antioxidants, the oil is kept under nitrogen containing all natural constituents such as vitamins, antioxidants, trace minerals, and a wholefood matrix of different fatty acids. The oil has a light reddish colour and a clean mild pleasant fresh fishy taste.

Basing the extra virgin salmon oil with a mix of functional food, high quality grade fish oil, we are able to provide SALfresh Standardized and Customized to fit our client’s requirements of fatty acid profile. Typical customized requirements are between 10-30% EPA+DHA, and 5-25% LCMUFA.

Fatty Acid Profile

.SALfresh Standardized > 10 mg/g >5 mg/g >6 mg/g >1 mg/g
.SALfresh 11-9 20 mg/g 11 mg/g 9 mg/g >1 mg/g
.SALfresh 14-11 25 mg/g 14 mg/g 11 mg/g >1 mg/g
.SALfresh 18-12 30 mg/g 18 mg/g 12 mg/g >1 mg/g
.SALfresh Customized 10-30 mg/g 5-18 mg/g 6-12 mg/g >1 mg/g

Qualitative Profile

.Measurement Value
.Peroxide Value < 3,0meq/kg
.Anisidine Value < 3,0meq/kg
.Totox < 9,0
.FFA (% oleic acid) < 1,0

Anisidine value (AV) is a measurement of accumulated oxidation. It is the measure of aldehyde produced during oxidation of fats. AV is an indicator for how the oil has been handled and stored. Peroxide value (PV) measures current oxidation. For both AV and PV, a lower number is better. TOTOX (total oxidation value) is used to describe total oxidation to which the oil has been exposed.
PV x 2 + AV = TOTOX. Recent tests of SALfresh™ report TOTOX values of less than 5.