NordicSilver represents a new and unique fish oil based on wild caught pelagic fish species from the North Atlantic waters. Our close partner TripleNine Group A/S allocate specific fishing vessels for each catch ensuring an unbroken cooling chain from the fishing grounds to the oil factory of human quality.
The various fish species that are caught has a unique natural occurring fatty acid composition. Typical analysis shows 28 % omega-3 and 45% LCMUFA.

Recent research indicates that long-chained monounsaturated fatty acids (LCMUFA) increase metabolism of subcutaneous fat and other metabolic syndromes. Fish species from North-Atlantic waters contains the highest amount of LCMUFA.

The refining process is a gentle process providing a functional food quality fish oil free from heavy metals and other pollutants with neutral odor and taste. The oil is added natural antioxidants and are available is steel drums, IBC or as capsules.

We also offer NordicSilver customized to fit our client’s need of fatty acid profile upon request.

Composition/analysis values as mg/g for seasonal variations

.Measurement Value
.Sum LCMUFA fatty acids 295 – 521 mg/g. Typical value 450 mg/g.
.Sum Omega-3 fatty acids 216 – 345 mg/g. Typical value 287 mg/g.
.Sum EPA + DHA 147 – 263 mg/g. Typical value 186 mg/g.